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Chico - Gray Gelding for Sale APHA
2001 APHA Paint Gelding
Fleabitten Gray Overo
Price: $1,500 neg.

Specialties: Trail Riding, Beginner Safe, Young Child, Fearful Riders, Special Needs Riders

Chico is as safe and confident as it gets. This is the gelding that anyone can ride, no matter how big or small. You can climb all over him, do anything to him, and go anywhere with him and he stays steady, sweet and level headed.

Chico is kid safe and has been used for youth and beginner tourists in lessons and on trail rides and has hosted over 1,000 individual riders, many of whom were riding for the first time. He is unflappable and has been ridden through many obstacles - no spook. He is bombproof on trail without lacking personality. Chico has a huge fan club here at the barn because of his stellar and strong personality and his smooth and comfortable gaits

Chico direct reins, neck reins, walk/trot/canters on cue, moves off the leg, rides best on a loose rein in a curb bit but can also go in a loose-ring snaffle bit. On trail he leads, drags and rides independently, crosses creeks, climbs river banks and rides well on roads. If he starts with a group he prefers to keep with the group but he will also ride out alone without problem.

Chico is one of our best and most reliable horses, however we recently found a cyst in his navicular bone making his feet too tender to keep up with the rigorous work that we do at Painted Bar Stables. We have been able to easily manage his feet with shoes and pads and continue to ride him on trails and in the lessons, but we want to give him an easier life with a person of his own.

The perfect home for Chico would be with a very young or older rider. He would be perfect for anyone who just wants leisurely strolls through the woods with a reliable, safe and worry-free horse. He also wants lots of love and attention.

Bebe is one of my favorite students of all time. She is an autistic teenager and an amazing and observant young woman and rider. Chico is her very favorite, and when I mentioned he was for sale because his feet just aren't tough enough to hold up to the hours of riding we do each day, she has always told every other horse that she was going to train them to be Chico. During her lesson today Bebe decided she wanted to explain to everyone just how special Chico is to her and that she really hopes he finds a new home.

Chico and Leah

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