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Vanzi Bars N Stripes

Vanzi Bars N Stripes - AQHA Quarter Horse Gulla Homozygous Dun Stallion

AQHA Quarter Horse Stallion
2016 Smoky Grulla
15.3 ½ hands

Hollywood Glo Cody (Reining) x Surely Pandora (Halter)

D/D Homozygous Dun, a/a Non-Agouti Homozygous
E/e Red and Black Carrier, Cr/cr Heterozygous Cream Dilute

Vanzi is a sweet and sensitive guy who stands at nearly 16 hands tall. He is affectionate in disposition and easy to work with for his age. Under saddle he has a non-bouncy trot and is able to rate between a velvet smooth slow jog to a forward impulsive and elastic trot. He has a rocking horse canter that is well balanced.

Vanzi began his breeding career in 2020 where he sired a grulla Percheron x QH colt (Magneto) in 2021. In 2022 he sired a red dun Arabian x QH filly (Merida). Both offspring reside at the Painted Bar Stables. For the 2023 foaling season we are expecting an APHAxQH as well as another Percheron x QH (same cross as Magneto).

Thus far Vanzi has consistently thrown his height and body type with all of his foals having his sloping shoulder, ideal topline shape and a well endowed hindquarters.

While you can't "ride color" it never hurts to have a horse with a good brain that also is pretty to look at! Vanzi is homozygous for dun so he will pass off his stripes to every one of his foals. He also carries the cream gene meaning he can make dilute foals as well.

What this means is that crossed off of any color (except gray, which is dominant) the foal will always carry the dun genetics that cause primitive markings such as the dorsal stripe, leg bars, shoulder bars and a dun dilution. There is a 50% chance that the foal may also be a cream dilute (palomino, buckskin, smoky black).

Below are examples of color expectations based on the color of your mare:

Black Mare
(Homozygous Black)

50% Grullo 
50% Smoky Grullo

Bay Mare
(Homozygous Black & Agouti)

50% Bay Dun
50% Buckskin Dun

Chestnut / Sorrel Mare
(Homozygous Red & Non-Agouti)

25% Grullo
25% Smoky Grullo
25% Red Dun
25% Palomino Dun

Black Mare
(Heterozygous Red Carrier)

37.5% Grullo
37.5% Smoky Grullo
12.5% Red Dun
12.5% Palomino Dun

Bay Mare
(Heterozygous Red Carrier &
Heterozygous Agouti)

18.75% Bay Dun
18.75% Buckskin Dun
18.75% Grullo
18.75% Smoky Grullo
12.5% Red Dun
12.5% Palomino Dun

Chestnut/ Sorrel Mare
(Homozygous Red &
Heterozygous Agouti Carrier)

25% Red Dun
25% Palomino Dun
12.5% Bay Dun
12.5% Buckskin Dun
12.5% Grullo
12.5% Smoky Grullo 

You may also download the breeding contract.

For 2023 AI Semen Shipment is not available.
We do not accept maiden mares for live cover.

We hope to offer AI and shipped semen in the future for maiden mares and those who prefer, however Cornell University (our collection site) is not currently taking in new studs.

Vanzi Bars N Stripes Registration Certificate

Fee Schedule for Stud Service

Full Care Breeding Package: $1120
Stud Fee, $150 Booking Fee, Three Weeks Board,
14 day Veterinary Ultrasound Pregnancy and Twin Check
10% off!! Value of $1245

2022 Stud Fee
Non-Refundable Booking Fee of $150 Included


Mare Care Board for Live Cover
Board includes twice daily feeding of 2.5 quarts Poulin Decade Complete Diet grain daily, hay, box stall and daytime turnout. Additional or Specific Grain must be provided by owner.
We require a 1 week MINIMUM residency for live cover breeding.

Mare Care for breeding mares

$150 per week with box stall and turnout

Mare Care with foals at side
$200 per week with box stall and private turnout
Ultrasound Exam by Veterinarian   $125
Veterinarian & Farrier Holding Fee
$20 per hour to make/attend call + provider fees


AI Cooled Semen Shipping
Collected at Cornell University and shipped via FedEx



At Cost of Collection, payable to Cornell University
At Cost of Shipping, payable to FedEx
Est. cost $225 for collection and $75 for shipping


2023 Availability

Below are the availabilities we have for the 2023 season. During each month we can only offer live cover breeding services to a distinct number of mares. If a mare is booked during a specific month it is up to the mare owner to ensure that they monitor their mare's heat cycle and bring her to our stables for breeding during the reserved month.

If a mare does not settle into pregnancy during her reserved month, the mare may return for re-breeding during the next availability on our schedule. There is no guarantee that there will be availability the following month.


2/2 Availabilities
4/4 Availabilities
0/4 Availabilities


4/4 Availabilities


2/2 Availabilities


2/2 Availabilities


Previous Foals


Arabian x Quarter Horse
Red Dun
Merida - Arabian x QH by Vanzi Bars N StripesMerida - Arabian QH Red Dun by Vanzi Bars N Stripes


Percheron x Quarter Horse
Red Dun
Magneto Percheron QH GrullaMagneto Percheron QH Grulla

Vanzi over the Years


Vanzi being led across a bridge at one of our student's homes.
Vanzi Bars N Stripes Grulla Stallion


Vanzi sleeping and snuggling in his stall as a yearling.
Vanzi Bars N Stripes Sleeping


Vanzi as a foal in Wisconsin

Vanzi as a Foal


Vanzi as a newborn




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