Sierra's All The Gold

While you can't "ride color" it never hurts to have a horse with a good brain that also is pretty to look at!

Here at Painted Bar Stables we breed stripes and spots with our two dilute color stallions, Sierra and Vanzi. Both are incredibly well dispositioned stallions that are easy to handle, sweet and affectionate, and well built. They have both mind and body.

Sierra is a proven APHA paint stallion. His foals have been a huge part of our lesson and trail string here at our stables. Many of them have been beginner safe as young as 4-Years Old! He is homozygous for the creme dilution gene, guaranteeing that any offspring will be a dilute foal. Homozygous for tobiano paint, he has a 50/50 chance of passing on his tobiano markings. His foals have had a distinctive "look" to their markings usually involving spots over the back, complete with coverage and a multi-colored mane.

Vanzi is an AQHA quarter horse stallion and only beginning his career with 2020 being the first year he is standing at stud. He is a sweet and sensitive guy who stands much taller than Sierra, and is still growing. He is homozygous for dun so he will pass off his stripes to every one of his foals. He also carries the cream gene meaning he can make dilute foals as well.

You may also download the breeding contract.

Vanzi Bars and Stripes


Sierras All The Gold

Sierras All The Gold standing at Stud



Fee Schedule for Stud Service

2020 Stud Fee
Includes booking fee of $150

Additional Mare Stud Fee

AI Cooled Semen Shipping
Collected at Cornell University and shipped via FedEx



At Cost of Collection, payable to Cornell University
At Cost of Shipping, payable to FedEx
Est. cost $150 for collection and $75 for shipping

Visiting Mare Care in for breeding

$17 per day with stall and turnout

Visiting Mare Care with foals at side
$20 per day
$20 per hour to make/attend call
$20 per hour to make/attend call



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