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Our Tiny Tots Horsemanship program is designed for kids under the age of 5 who are not quite ready to ride a horse all by themselves. These lessons are designed to teach little tykes how to be comfortable and in control around horses.

Tiny Tots Tiny Tots Horse Lessons

Developing confidence and learning how to behave around large horses is the first step towards becoming a rider. With Tiny Tots Horsemanship lessons the tykes learn how to respect horses and work with them on the ground to prepare for their future in riding lessons.

Skills taught in Tiny Tots Horsemanship lessons include:
  • Petting Horses
  • Feeding Treats
  • Brushing
  • Putting on Halters
  • Leading Horses
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Diet and Feeding
  • Horse Health & Welfare


  • Stall & Stable Skills
  • Tack Cleaning

While this is an on-the-ground learning program designed to transition kids into riding, kids will be rewarded for their excellent learning and increasing comfort around horses with fun pony rides!

 Fee Schedule
Prices for 2018

Introductory Lesson
We love having new students and we understand that you might want to check us out and have an introductory lesson before signing up for a routine. In our introductory lesson we will get you right up on the horse in a private session and show you how we teach. This is also a great way for us to get to know you and match you with the proper group if you wish to take group lessons.
30 minutes of class time
First Lesson Deal: Your introductory lesson is free with the purchase of a package of lessons!



Group Lessons

Group Lessons
3-6 Students of equivelent age and experience
70-90 minutes of lesson time including tacking up and untacking horse



Distance Riding Classes
The distance riding class is a coaching session for experienced riders of all riding styles looking to condition, train and progress in their independant riding with a specific mount with the goal of endurance races and hunter paces.
90 minutes of class time


Private Lessons

Private Arena Lessons
Private lesson in the arena to work on technical skills and specific needs of an individual student in order for them to progress in their group classes
60 minutes of lesson time.



Private Trail Lessons
Private lessons on trail need more time to get to the trails and to really explore the skillsets required in the wilderness.
90 minutes of lesson time

- $100.00

Specialty Lessons

Private Young Child/Fearful Rider Lessons
Private longe line class for young children, or anyone older who may be fearful of riding.
30 minutes of lesson time

- $35.00

Tiny Tots Horsemanship Lessons
Private class for children under the age of 5 to introduce them to horses.
20 minutes of lesson time

- $20.00

Packages of Lessons

Package of 10 Lessons
Buy 9 lessons, get 1 free
Total savings of 10%

Package of 5 Lessons
Buy 4 lessons, get 1 at 25% off
Total savings of 5%


Suggested Riding Apparel
long pants
riding shoes or closed toed shoes (must have a heel)
bug spray

Trail Riding Rules

At the Painted Bar Stables we are proud to offer our lessons on an individual scheduling basis and not require a lesson series. As a result, however, we have the following policies. 

Missed Lesson Policy
In the event that a rider needs to miss a lesson a minimum of 4 hours notice is required. After the 3rd missed lesson students will be required to pre-pay for their lessons ahead of time 
Reimbursement will be offered with 24 hour advance notice of cancellation. A charge of $15 will be issued for each lesson without notice.

Be On Time
Please come 5-10 minutes before your ride.If you are late, it cuts into your time of the ride.

All rides will begin promptly on time and end on time in order to maintain schedule for previous and following lessons and rides.

Weight Limits
For your safety and the well-being of our horses the weight limit is 250 lbs. Any rider weighing more than 200 lbs. is required to give advance notice so that a suitable horse may be arranged.

Riders should expect to be weighed in a private and confidential setting if Painted Bar Stables staff have any suspicion that a rider may be above their weight limit for riding.

We are very strict about our weight limit. Please be up front, honest and realistic about the weight of each member of your party for their own safety. Our restrictions are not a matter of prejudice against heavy persons. When a rider is heavy it can be VERY dangerous for the rider for many reasons. Our limits are set to ensure the safety of both the rider and the longevity of our horses.

For further explanation of this policy click here.

All non-trail lessons are NOT weather dependent and in the case of rain will take place indoors. Please see missed lesson policy.

If the weather appears inclimate please call Erika at 607-216-8141 to confirm whether the ride will still take place. Unless communicated, riders should expect to ride.

Pants are Required
All riders are required to wear long pants to avoid bruising. Pants should be comfortable and either loose fitting or stretch material to allow for leg and hip flexibility

Boots and Closed-toed Shoes Required
It is suggested that all riders wear boots or closed toed shows with a small heel. Sandals, clogs and open-toed shoes are not allowed.

Age Requirements
Children entering group riding lessons must be 8 years of age. 
Children aged 5 to 7 are allowed to ride but will be required to take one longe-line class prior to being allowed to enter beginner lesson groups.
Children under 5 years old will be required to take tiny-tot lessons or lunge line lessons.

Group lessons are usually held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm (with earlier lessons reserved for children).
Group and Private Lessons can be arranged on alternate times if necessary.
There is a maximum of 4 riders per lesson.

A riding waiver must be completed in order to ride. Being around horses is inherently dangerous. Helmets must be worn at all times by minors and anyone that is beginner or novice in level while riding. Helmets can be provided by Painted Bar Stables

Painted Bar Stables is a smoke free, alcohol free and drug free environment. We reserve the right to refuse any potential rider.

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We accept cash, check and credit cards
Gift Certificates are available.

4093 Lake Street (Rte. 79) Burdett, NY 14818