2016 Open Farm & Barn Tack Swap

Public event to celebrate the coming warm season! This is a great opportunity to come out, have some fun and bring the whole family!

Painted Bar Stables Tack Swap and Sale, Open Farm and Barn 2016

Sunday, May 1st
12:00pm to 5:00pm
(Tournament to start at 5:00pm)

Painted Bar Stables
4093 Lake Street, Burdett, NY 14818

Things to Do: Meet our staff and sign up for lessons, volunteering and events!

  • Tack Swap and Sale
  • Pony Rides
  • Cow Poop Bingo
  • Fun Family Games and Events with prizes:
    - Stick horse races
    - Piggy back races
    - Grain Sack Race
    - Hay bale toss

Things to Learn: Take part in our lectures and demos to learn more about how tack and practices can make your horse more comfortable!

  • 12:00PM
    MagnaWave Magnetic Therapy
    Paul Alexander, Alexander Performance Horses

  • 1:30PM
    Tack Fitting
    Candice Ozolins, Finger Lakes Saddler

  • 3:00PM
    Pilates for Ponies
    Kerri Gaffney, Equine Bodyworks and Sports Therapy

Things to Eat:
We will have Global Taco, a local food truck selling food!
Barnstormer Winery will be providing wine tasting.

Live Music: folk music by Dave Denzien

Contact: Erika Eckstrom
texting only: 607-216-8141



Sale Opens at 12:00PM















Sale Closes at 5:00PM



Paul Alexander of Alexander Performance Horses will be offering a demonstration on MagnaWave, a pulsating magnetic wave therapy option for improving muscle health, circulations and other degenerative problems our equine athletes encounter.


MagnaWave Q&A


Live Music

by Dave Denzien

Grain Sack Races


Saddle Fitting

Candice Ozolins, owner of Finger Lakes Saddler will give an informational demonstration on how to properly fit saddles.


Global Taco Food Truck





Saddle Fitting Q&A


Live Music

by Dave Denzien

Hay Bale and Lasso Toss


Barnstormer Winery





Pilates for Ponies

Kerri Gaffney of Equine Bodyworks and Sports Therapy is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Certified in Equine Rehabilitation. She will be demonstrating how to do core strengthening exercises for your horse and a how-to primer on basic equine massage.


Pilaties for Ponies Q&A


Live Music

by Dave Denzien

Stick Horse Races

4:30PM Piggy Back Races

Jousting Tournament



Tack Swap & Sale Information

Do you have tack you want to sell at our tack swap and sale on Friday? Here's how:

What to bring or buy at the sale:
English Tack
Western Tack
Halters, Leadropes, Lunge Lines
Saddle Pads
Wraps and Boots
Stall and Stable Supplies
Horse Clothing and Accessories

Horses for sale: Bring your horse for sale!
Any horse being brought to the sale must be pre-approved by Painted Bar Stables before arrival.
All horses must present original copies of coggins and rabies (to be transfered to new owner upon sale) `

How Tack Sale Works:

Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
When you get here Painted Bar Stables staff will recieve them, log the item in our books, and place it in our arena for sale.
All items will be arranged by item type, not by seller.

Every seller must fill out a seller contract and include an address where we will send a check for your sold items by mail. Price your items REASONABLY so that they actually sell.

Every item should be labeled BEFORE arrival with the following information:
Owner Name, Owner's Phone Number, Sale Price, Item Name or Description

Every seller must bring or fill out a seller sheet with every item listed on it:
seller contact information, ALL items listed, asking prices.

Sellers Sheet for Download: Word Document
Sellers Sheet for Download: PDF

If you want to allow buyers to negotiate you must provide a lowest acceptable negotiation price on your seller sheet.

Items not sold cannot be picked up until Monday at 3:00pm. This is to reduce theft and confusion.
Because this event is concurrent with an open house we will not be able to have all checks ready on the same day as the event.
We will have checks ready on MONDAY AFTERNOON for pick up in the barn office and any check that does not get picked up will be mailed on Tuesday Morning.

Official pick up time: Monday, May 2nd @ 3:00PM-7:00pm

Painted Bar Stables will be deducting a 15% commission on all items sold.
There will be no charge for any unsold items.

Why is it a perk to sell here:
- Large Audience
- Arena Available for Riding
- Horse transportation services available for hire
- WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS! Yes, you can actually pay by credit card for the horse.

Horses for sale will also have a 15% commission on all sales but will be subject to a $50 minimum fee. This fee will be inclusive of the commission if your horse sells. If your horse does not sell we still need to be paid the $50.

All horses must present original copies of coggins and rabies upon arrival. The checkout sales desk will . This paperwork must be transfered to new owner upon sale.

No lame, unsound or unhealthy horses will be admitted to the sale. Any horse showing signs of ill health will not be allowed off of the trailer.

Any horses being brought for sale must be pre-approved by Painted Bar Stables staff via email before arrival. Upon arrival, horses will be placed in outdoor stalls. Painted Bar Stables will hold the horse's paperwork until the end of sale or purchase.

Test rides will be allowed at the risk of the horse owner and potential buyers. Painted Bar Stables assumes no liability for any horses not owned by the stables.


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We accept cash, check and credit cards
Gift Certificates are available.

4093 Lake Street (Rte. 79) Burdett, NY 14818