Virtual Riding Association

Go past just the riding and get more in-depth knowledge on technique, care, and other topics that will make you a better horse person!

Virtual Riding Association at Painted Bar Stables

Not to mention you'll gain access to a community of involved and interested horse enthusiasts who are just like you and want to learn more! It's a great way to meet and network with students who ride on different days, in different lesson groups, at different levels, and even from different barns all together in our expansive community.


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Virtural Riding Associate

$97 per month

Join the Virtual Riding Assocation

Enrollment in our Virtual Riding Association takes your equine knowledge well beyond riding and keeps you learning even when you're not in the barn.


  • Private Facebook Group
  • Social Brainstorms
  • Fitness 10s
  • Webinars
  • Group Virtual Lessons
    • Video analysis discussion
    • YouTube critique
    • Instructor Demonstrations
    • Non-riding topics
  • Trail and Endurance Training
  • Lameness Evaluations and Barn First Aid Sessions
  • Guest Speakers
  • Random Sessions of Interest

Horse Benefactor

$250 per month


WE ARE HUMBLED. Thank you for your generous support!

Get all of the benefits of the Virtual Riding Assocation as well as the knowledge that you are supporting one of our horses.


  • Exclusive Sponsorship of one of our Farm Animals
  • Biography and Story about your Sponsored Animal
  • Recognition of your patronship on the Painted Bar Stables website and social media
  • Printed Picture of your Sponsored Animal
  • Plus enrollment in the Virtual Riding Association


Private Facebook Room: 
Everything will be coordinated via email and a private Faceboo group only accessible to up-to-date paying associates. 

Social Brainstormsonce a week
At Social Brainstorms all associates gather together in a group video call. The goal of these meetings will be to get to know one another and discuss priorities and brainstorm desired content in the coming weeks. 

Fitness 10s:  once or twice a week
These 10 minute live sessions will give ideas and homework for associates to support their fitness specifically to keep them in shape for riding from home without the horse. These short sessions will introduce stretches and exercises that specifically help equestrians improve and stay fit for riding.

Webinars: once every other week
Webinars are our two hour with in-depth live discussion and PowerPoint presentations that dive deep into subject content on a wide range of topics. 

Group Virtual Lessons: once a week for each group
Associates would be assigned to one of three weekly groups for lesson based on their riding skills and their interests. Only associates assigned to a group will be able to speak and participate in the lesson; however, we welcome all associates at every group lesson as auditors so that they can "level up" and start learning about more in-depth skills, but also so that more experienced riders can review their foundations. The reason that only those assigned to a group will be able to participate is to make sure that people are not either asking questions that are too elementary for the group or too complicated, therefore interrupting the goal of the lesson for those assigned to the group. Typed chat will be open to all members.

These virtual lessons would be live, unrecorded sessions done in any number of ways 

  1. Video analysis discussion: 
    By analyzing the riding of others we can learn by example and learn how to improve ourselves. In these video analysis discussions students who have videos of their riding can submit videos of themselves for group lesson critique. When barn reopens the idea would be for everyone to do this throughout the month (it’s less embarrassing if everyone is doing it). We may also use our staff members, too!!
  2. YouTube critique: 
    The YouTube critiques would be similar to the video analysis but we would using instructor selected YouTube videos of strangers to critique for errors as well as analyze as role models. 
  3. Instructor Demonstrations: 
    You don't need to be present for a demonstration! During these instructor demonstrations, the instructor would be riding or doing the groundwork during the live video conference. They would wear a headset in order to explaining what they are doing and how. 
    People could request demonstrations on a specific horse that they usually ride to help them address the issues they have on specific topics. 
  4. Non-riding topics:
    Often we feel pressure to focus on riding during our riding lessons, failing to have time to address incredibly important topics such as in depth grooming, tack cleaning, bridling and tack up technique, horse behavior, etc... 
Trail and Endurance Training:
While most online videos focus on work done in the arena, we hope to also have a number of sessions specifically talking about topics on trail and helping people to better understand situations that happen "out in the wilderness." Topics may include but are not limited to: teaching horses to cross water; dealing with puddles; riding through homing beacon issues and on barn sour horses; riding in groups and trail etiquette; dealing with runaways (as the runaway rider, the witnessing rider, and the helping savior); being able to make your own speed choices from the back of the line.

We are especially hoping we can figure out a way to record our endurance training sessions so that we can explain the choices that we make when we ride solo, such as pace and tempo in relation to footing and hills as well as a discussion on developing intervals on trail. Examples of commentary: "I just switched my diagonal here because"; "Why am I forcing the cue of this lead"; "Why am I going slower up this hill on purpose than I was on the flat"; "Why did I choose to canter instead of trot"; etc....

Lameness Evaluations:

Sometimes we have lame horses in the barn. We will host a routine meeting session in which any lame horses in the barn can be routinely examined and discussed. Not only will this provide value lameness evaluation skills but it also will help us to keep video records of lame horses over time.
These sessions can also be used if we have reoccurring treatments on wounds and abscesses so that we can demonstrate during the live sessions.

Guest Speakers:
Whenever possible, we hope to bring in guest speakers from various corners of the equine community to bring new perspectives and information to our association!

Random Sessions of Interest:

Often at the barn there are time that interesting things happen on a scheduled and unscheduled basis. Impromptu meetings can be set up for various things such as:
  • Jen shoeing a specific horse and explaining why she makes the choices she makes
  • Erika working with a horse for training
My hope is that this could continue beyond the shut down to help lesson students from different lesson groups/days/levels get to know one another better.
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