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Custom Breeding and In-Utero Foals

Let's make your dream horse together!

Choose one of our beautiful available mares that you would like bred to our stallions. We'll breed the mare, care for her and walk her through her pregnancy, deliver the baby and take care of the foal before it's weaned and sent home to you. By the time you get your baby it will be healthy, registered, halter trained and well handled and ready for you to help it grow into an amazing adult.

And the most amazing part: you will be welcome to participate the entire time through the process.

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Foals Already Expected in 2023

We may already have some mares bred that you can purchase in utero for this season!

Mystique x Vanzi Bars N Stripes

Mystique trotting
Black - 16.2 hands
Sweet yet introverted disposition with big bone and good foot. High Action Movement with Large Stride


AQHA Quarter Horse
Smokey Grulla - 15.3 ½ hands
A large well proportioned conformation with goofy and "goobery" personality. Known for his exceptional coat and guaranteed color genetics.
Flat Kneed Action with Moderate Stride.

In-Utero Price: $8500
Foal Gender Option: $9000

Pasture Bred. Due April - May 2023.

Mystique and Vanzi are a proven excellent cross to produce fabulous half-draft foals. The foals are guaranteed to be grulla or smokey grulla, a unique color that will draw attention while still being attractive. The cross in the past has show to pass on Mystiques big bone in the leg and foot while maintaining Vanzi's topline, color and "goober" disposition.

This cross would be an excellent prospect for a Hunt Horse, Dressage Mount or larger trail companion.

Photos below of previous foal by the same cross, Magneto. Resultant foal should look nearly identical.

MagnetoMagneto TrottingMagnetoMagneto

Design Your Dream

Our custom foal program continues to be cooperative way to produce a tailor-made dream foal using the mare and stallion of your choice with a live foal guarantee and flexible payment terms.

There is a Live Foal Guarantee on the custom breeding. This means that if the mare does not become pregnant on the first breeding the client will be entitled to have us try to breed her again. It also means that if the foal is a still-born or is born dead the client will be entitled to try again the same year with another of our available mares or re-breed the following year with the same mare. Upon birth every client will receive a video of their foal showing their beautiful, and very much alive baby. 

What is unique about purchasing In Utero?


The key difference is that you get to be involved in the the entire process of the foal from before it is born, through the post-partum process and into their weaning. You get to handle the foal in every stage and help it grow into your dream horse.

This a unique opportunity for those that do not own their own mares and stallions to be a part of the process, get to know the parents and siblings, and to have an entire barn staff and community there to support them and help them become "parents" of their new foal.

You also get to be a part of the suspense. Unlike buying a foal at weaning, you get to enjoy the suspense of finding out whether your foal will be a filly or a colt, what color it will be and if it has any distinguishing markings.

Handling the Mare When you purchase in utero, you get to spend time with the mare prior to the birth. You get to gain her trust, get to understand her disposition, feel the foal inside her belly and help with the monitoring of her pregnancy.
Foal Watch With our MareCam set in the broodmare, you can log on anywhere to watch the mare and help us monitor the signs of birth.

When the mare goes into labor, you'll be texted and informed. You will be welcome to come (with one guest) to watch the birth of the foal.

We will also videotape the birth and take photos throughout the birth for you to keep.
Imprinting You will be able to be a part of the foal imprinting on you in the first week of it's life by gaining the trust of the mother and handling the foal.
Raising the Foal You get to be a part of the horse's upbringing from day one. As the owner you get to be a part of making veterinary choices for the foal and join in the training.


What is involved in the selection process?

Share with  us with your goals for the foal, and your mare preferences. Based on these attributes, we can help you select a mare that would best fit your specifications.

All of our babies are sired by our stallion Vanzi Bars and Stripes (AQHA).

If you wish to use another stallion the foal owner will be responsible for the stud fee and any breeding expenses. You may already have a stallion in mind, or let us help you find the best match  for the mare you've selected.

How much does this cost?

Our 2023 custom foal prices start at $4,500 and up with live foal guarantee and 4 months of free board.  The price depends on the mare and breed.

Right of First Refusal:

When the mare foals, we immediately contact the buyer. The buyer has 72 hours after the initial vet check to make their final decision on the foal. The buyer can either see the foal in person, or we will email photos and video to the buyer.

Foal Gender Option:

Are you only interested in purchasing a filly to use as a future broodmare? Or maybe you're just a gelding person.

For an additional $500 in the final purchase price, we offer a foal gender option where you can purchase the foal in utero, but only the gender you want. If the foal is born the other gender you would get a refund and the foal would go to someone else.

The caveat of using the gender option is that there may be two "owners" of the foal prior to birth - one with the filly option and one with the colt option. As a result both owners would be allowed to share in the experience of the pre-partum and birthing process. However, if this is the case, we give a full refund of the deposit to the person who did not get their option.

Payment Plans:

A non-refundable down-payment of ($1,000) is required.

If the mare is not bred yet, payment must be recieved in full prior to breeding the mare.

This payment grants the client the permission to chose a mare and a date and secures breeding. This is requested upfront as it secures the right of first refusal for the buyer and also provides compensation for the veterinary care of the mare as well as the imposition on our mare and the limitations that will be placed on our mare and other riding programs as a result of the breeding.

If the buyer decides to purchase the foal after birth, Painted Bar Stables offers three payment options:

  • Payment in Full – Buyer will pay the balance of the purchase price in full by the 72-hour mark. The foal must remain at Seller’s property until it is weaned.

  • Payment Plan – Buyer will pay the balance in 4 monthly payments of ¼ the remaining balance, due on the 1st day of each month starting on the first month following the foal’s birth date, with the final payment after 4 consecutive months. Seller will invoice Buyer monthly. If the foal is weaned before the final monthly payment, the foal must remain boarded at Seller’s property at Buyer’s expense until the balance is paid in full.
    There is no penalty for early payoff and no interest charged on payments within the payment plan.

What is included?

  • Our custom foal program includes all mare and foal care, and most mare-related breeding expenses. 

  • Breeding cycle management of the mare including heat detection, follicle evaluation, use of ovulatory hormones as needed, insemination and pregnancy  checks.

  •  Veterinary and Maintenanc expenses for mare during pregnancy and lactation, except for veterinary costs associated with using frozen semen if necessary.

  • Foaling the mare.We have a camera in our broodmare stall for you to be involved in monitoring when the mare will foal. You will be notified when the foaling starts if you would like to join.

  • Regular handling of your foal and inclusion into our foal training program. We expose all foals to grooming, leading, haltering, and loading into a trailer.

  • The buyer may visit the foal at any time before weaning. Visits just need to be scheduled.

  • Every foal will be guaranteed 4 months of free boarding at the stable prior to leaving the stable. Foals will be completely weaned at 6 months and can be taken to their new home. After that amount of time, if the foal remains at the stables full board will be expected.

  • A handling and care training session for you prior to leaving the stables. More foal handling and training lessons can be purchased at reduced cost if desired.
The cost included in a custom foal:    
$4000-$9000   Cost of Foal: Stallion Expenses, Mare Pregnancy Expenses and Foaling the Mare
$1000   Board for 4 Months including handling and training for buyer
  • Vet delivery and vaccination fees 
    • Pneumabort Rhino Vaccinations for Mare $45
    • Vet Visit Fee at Birth $100
    • Foal Response Colostrum Paste $15
    • Vaccinations (given to mare at month 10 pregnant so she can pass on antibodies to foal through milk) $50
$200-$500   Foal training to prepare them for their future. Training would included grooming, leading, haltering, and loading into a trailer. "Baby Trail Rides" can also be offered to teach the foal how to cross water and handle obstacles on trail.
$60-$200   Training and Learning opportunities for you as an owner to participate in the raising of a foal.
$30   Registration transfer fee to be paid to the American Paint Horse Association or American Quarter Horse Association if applicable

What is not included?

  • Stallion related expenses, including stud fee for any outside stallion, collection costs and semen shipping costs, although  if you choose one of our stallions, all stud fees are waived for for custom foals.
  • Any mare related costs associated with breeding using frozen semen.  If you wish to use frozen semen, we will haul the mare to a clinic for service.
  • Board of your custom foal after 4 months of age. You are welcome to board your foal here with our youngsters as long as you'd like at a reasonable monthly rate.
      • Board at 0-4 Months:  $0 per month, shared with mother
      • Board at 4-6 Months, un-weaned: $250 per month, shared with mother
      • Board after 4 Months, weaned: $500 per month, private stall (no guarantee that a private stall will be available)

Are all of the Painted Bar Stables mares available for custom foals?

Please contact us for availability.

There are some limitations to the program. For instance, we avoid breeding mares two years in a row - we give them a year of not being pregnant for their health and well-being.

We also ask that all foals be born by the end of May, making June the last available option for breeding. We ask this because all of our mares are multi-use horses used for breeding, lessons and trail rides. If a baby is born by May, this means that we can have the mare back in the riding string by our peak season in August.

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