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The cowboy crash course will be an 10 week overview of all of the basic necessities needed for horsemanship. The goal of the course will be to develop a more well-rounded and thoughtful horseman that is capable of handling and working with horses, but also has basic knowledge of how to be self dependent for both themselves and their horse.

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SKILLS TO BE INTRODUCED: Horse Behavior, Groundwork, Tack Fitting and Maintenance, Horseback Riding, Leatherwork, Trail Riding, Blacksmithing, Barrel Racing, Emergency Veterinary and Farrier Skills, Working Cattle, Americana Folk Music

Erika Eckstrom - The owner and operator of Painted Bar Stables, Erika has 20+ years of experience working with horses and riding. For the past 6 years, Erika has devoted her life to developing practical programs that help both people and horses learn to communicate and function as teams. She can also pick a fine tune on a fiddle.

  • COST: $600, includes a graduation cowboy hat ($150 non-refundable deposit to hold spot)

  • LOCATION: Painted Bar Stables - 4093 Lake Street, Burdett NY 14818
    (some classes may be held at the Chicone Shop or the Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce based on the class to be taught)

  • DATES: Sundays, March 2nd - May 11th, 2017(1 week break)

  • TIME: 4:00pm start time

  • COURSE SESSIONS: 10 Sessions, each session will be roughly 2 hours of work time.


Supplies Required By Students: boots with a small heel, plyable work gloves, safety glasses, instruments for after class Americana music session.

Supplies Provided By Program: riding helmet, riding tack, lunge line, basic leather work tools and supplies, basic blacksmith tools and supplies

One Day and Weekend Group Intro Course

Do you have a group of people that want to do a one day course together? We can do that! The one day and weekend crash courses are abbreviated versions of the full course, offering brief introductions to various topics. These courses provide a great time for people to come together, learn new topics, learn more about one another and develop valuable life lessons and memories.

These course are on-demand and require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the date with both instructors. The more riders you get, the cheaper the course gets so wrangle your friends!

One Day Course - 6 hour full day class on horse behavior, basic riding, trail packing and emergency blacksmithing.

  • 3-6 People: $1100 for the group, (averages $367-$183 per person)
  • 7-10 People: $1800 for the group, (averages $257-$180 per person)
  • 11-14 people: $2500 for the group, (averages $227-$179 per person)

Two Day Weekend Course - The two day course will consist of two 6 hour full day classs. Day 1 will focus on horse behavior,ground work, emergency blacksmithing and leatherwork. Day 2 will focus on basic riding, biomechanics, gymkhana sports, packing for trail, trail riding and emergencies skills on trail.

  • 3-6 People: $2100 for the group, (averages $700-$350 per person)
  • 7-10 People: $3500 for the group, (averages $500-$350 per person)
  • 11-14 people: $4800 for the group, (averages $436-$343 per person)

Two Day Mid-Week Course - The two day mid-week course will be the same as the weekend course, but discounted for not riding on peak weekend days.

  • 3-6 People: $1900 for the group, (averages $633-$316 per person)
  • 7-10 People: $3100 for the group, (averages $443-$310 per person)
  • 11-14 people: $4300 for the group, (averages $391-$307 per person)

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