Cost is $40 per rider for all games.

All riders must sign waivers, unless current students of Painted Bar Stables
All visiting horses must present Coggins and Rabies

Bring with you:
Chair for Watching
Money for Food and Drink
Friends, great attitude and good jokes

Dog Park Rules:
Bringing your dog is encouraged. Dogs must be on a leash unless inside the designated dog fenced area. NO LEASHES ALLOWED IN THE BARN as they trip up horses and people. All dogs in the dog fenced area MUST be supervised and dog and people friendly. Any dog that is aggressive will not be allowed in the unleashed fence and will not be invited back.

byob is allowed! No rider will be allowed to ride after any drink so please plan to ride prior to any drinking. No minors will be allowed to drink.


Tack up is at 4:30pm
Painted Bar Stables horses will be tacked up in the indoor arena on the walls.
Visiting horses should expect to tack up at their trailers or in the cross ties in the side aisle of our barn.

First games start at 5:30pm.

Order of games:

1) Obstacle course in hand
Rider leads horse (or dog) through the obstacle horse in a timed event. Fastest time wins.

2) Pony Express
Rider must grab a hanging mail pouch and ride through an obstacle course to deliver it to a mailbox

3) Cup of Water Command Class
Riders will hold a cup of water and circle on the rail following the commands of the judge. In other words, play Simon Says on horseback and don't spill water all over yourself.
Categories: W/T, W/T/C

4) Ring Jousting
Riders will use a lance to spear a ring. Each rider gets 3 tries. First try is with large ring. Second and Third with regulation size rings.
Touch = 1 point
Lance Ring = 5 points
Categories: Walk Only, W/T, W/T/C

5) Bottle Barrel Game
Teams of 3 players will have to run as a relay from one end of the arena to the other and grab a bottle off of a barrel. The bottle must be brought back and placed in a bucket before the next teammate can go. Any dropped bottles the player must dismount, pick up the bottle and replace the bottle to re-grab it. Teams will run one team at a time and will be timed. Fastest time wins.

Ribbons will be awarded!!



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We accept cash, check and credit cards
Gift Certificates are available.

4093 Lake Street (Rte. 79) Burdett, NY 14818
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