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The Painted Bar Stables offers camp programs to children, teens and adults of all levels. Camps offer a unique way to have fun, while cramming a whole lot of education into one week. Our goal is to mingle the fun of horseback riding with learning about riding skills, horse behavior and general riding information. Our camp programs give a complete education, from barn management and equine care to groundwork and riding.

 Fee Schedule

Youth Adventure Horse Camp
Ages 10-17
All Riders of All Levels

Spring Camp is $500
April 6-10, 2020

Summer Camp is $550
July 6-10, 2020
August 17 - 21, 2020

If you're looking for FUN, this is the camp for you!

An intensive adventure for youth, this camp is one that focus on fun and adventures from the ground up. Our adventures are geared towards encouraging our riders to develop the following skills: Relationship Building with their Horse, Problem Solving, Pushing Boundaries, Barn and Stable Management.

All Youth Campers get a horse of their own for the week and will learn both in the barn and on horseback

Riders of all levels are welcome.
No experience is necessary but first time riders should be brave and willing.

Sibling Discount of $50 for each additional child.

Endurance Riding Bootcamp
Teens & Adults
Intermediate to Advanced Riders

April 24-26 ,2020

This endurance camp is a jam packed 3-day weekend full of riding and learning.

You will spend a minimum of 4 hours in the saddle every day going through both technical and athletic bootcamp as well as knowledge seminars in order to prepare you for distance sports.

This camp is a perfect intro to understanding the logistics, training, and ways to succeed in distance sports with your horse. 

Youth Endurance Pro Camp
Ages 12-17
Intermediate & Advanced Canter Riders

August 3-6, 2020

Subsequent Endurance Race in Michigan
Aug 7-9, 2020

Our Pro program is designed for regularly riding youth who are ready to go to endurance races. Campers in this program are expected to already have barn management, horse handling and groundwork skills. Pros are comfortable cantering in the arena and on trail and are honing their deeper theoretical knowledge of riding. 

Campers in the Pro Camp will partake in intensive lessons, as well as lessons or lectures on riding form, biomechanics, nutrition & health, teaching pedagogy, and other various topics. 

If you are looking for in depth learning, this is the camp for you!

Adult Camps

Grownup and Almost Grownup
Adventure Day Camp
Ages 16 - Adults
Beginner to Advanced Riders
June 29 - 3, 2020

Not all the fun is for the kids! Immersion is often the easiest way for adults to move forward in their riding. Lessons are augmented by demonstrations and lectures covering everything: barn management and nutrition, basic equine medical care, biomechanics and form, and more.

For novices we will get you up and rolling so that you can hit the trails with the best of them without being a burden to your horse companion.

For more seasoned riders we will dig deep into your technique in how to help you and your horse. We will also get you out on the trails and help you learn how to control your horse at a gallop, and more.

Overnight Retreat Horse Camp
Beginner to Advanced Riders
(Discounts for Pairs)
September 28 - October 2, 2020

The best way to learn to ride, is to immerse yourself in riding. Come ride with us in lessons, game nights and sunset trail rides and really immerse yourself in the world of horseback riding while spending each night in a Glamping Yurt on Seneca Lake and eating fantastic chef crafted meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Hoofin' It One Day Camp
Ages 10-17
Beginners to Intermediates

$110 per day

Mondays Wednesdays
June 22 June 24
July 20 July 22
August 24 August 26

Gallop on over to join this exciting horse filled day of camp!

The Hoofin' It Day Camp is an intensive day of horses for youth. This camp hits on all aspects of the horse experience in just one day!

Campers spend the day:

  • Learning how to feed and care for horses
  • Educational Games about horse anatomy, body language, tack and more
  • A trail ride (or lesson if weather not permitting hitting the trails)

Riders of all levels are welcome.
No experience is necessary but first time riders should be brave and willing.

All Camps go from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Early drop-off or late pick-up may be available but only for added cost.

The focus of our programs is not shows, ribbons or external success, but the ability to ride safely in the arena and on trail in real life situations and to independently navigate obstacles. While our lessons do instruct using classic riding techniques, the goal of our program is to develop confidence, real-life skill and the knowledge necessary to ride or own your own horse.

Things that campers will need every day:

  • Lunch
  • 2+ Water Bottles or Juice - no soda, please!
  • Generous Snacks!!!!!
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Boots - no sneakers or sandals allowedSpare pair of Shoes
  • Gloves (for working in the barn and perhaps riding)
  • Proper attire: pants, comfortable shirts, good socks. Please tell your kids to dress intelligently!
  • We have helmets if you don't have your own.

    Please remind your children before they come that working with horses requires horse care as well as riding. We are firm believers that if you don't take care of horses they won't take care of you and at the stables and chores is a large part of this experience. The better their attitudes and the more efficient focused, and responsible they are the more they get to ride. 
    Please also remind them that this is not a competition in terms of their riding and none of them have anything to prove - this is supposed to be fun and an opportunity for personal growth as well as growth as an entire group. 
    Lastly, they may or may not get their first choice in horses - some horses are coming off of pregnancies, some may be lame or injured, and a variety of other factors. One of these factors is that we want to select the horse that will teach them the most throughout the week and offer them the best learning experience. The mantra I will be telling the kids is "There is no bad horse, only mistaken riders."


Painted Bar Stables is a smoke free, alcohol free and drug free environment. We reserve the right to refuse any potential rider.

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