The Slaughter Issue

Links to researched references on the issue of horse slaughter.
Education makes educated opinions. All opinions are right if they are founded in facts and research.

GAO: Neglect on the rise since closure of domestic equine slaughter operations
DVM Newsmagazine
August 1, 2011

Answering Questions about Animal Welfare during Horse Slaughter
Temple Grandin
April 2012

Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences from Cessation of Domestic Slaughter
Government Accountability Office
June 22, 2011

The Facts on Horse Slaughter
The Humane Society of the United States
February 6, 2012

As Costs of Ownership Rise, More Horses Left Behind
Flathead Beacon
January 16, 2009

Horse Slaughter Facts & FAQs
Animal Welfare Institute
no date

Frequently Asked Questions about Unwanted Horses and Horse Slaughter
American Veterinary Medical Association
February 1, 2012


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